Thursday, April 14, 2016

#hiloskyeveryday2016 Weeks 14 and 15

Day 92 - These two are the sweetest!  

Day 93 - My Tiny Dancers ready for a Saturday Dance Class!  We normally go during the week, but we had to make up the classes missed over Spring Break! 

Day 94 - My sweet girls looking beautiful in their dance recital costumes!  

Day 95 - Sweet Goodnight Hugs!

Day 96 - Three Hilosky Girls ready for Opening Day!  Let's Go Yankees!  In a PERFECT WORLD, everyone would be a YANKEE FAN! 

Day 97 - Lacie heading out the door to the farm for a preschool field trip!  I sent Nana in my place (because truthfully I had no desire to go to the farm)...

Day 98 - Little Miss Independent is not happy to sit in the stroller anymore...nor does she want to hold anyone's hand! 

Day 99 - typical....Paisley is always climbing in something...which she learned from Blakely! 

Day 100 - remember those dance pictures we took a few days ago, well we got the proofs back and I couldn't love them more!  How sweet are my dancing sisters?!?!  You can see all of the dance pics in my Mommy Monday post HERE!

Day 101 - John and I left the kids with my parents and headed to Atlantic City for our very first every overnight date.  This is the first time that I have ever left the girls overnight for any reason other than when I was in the hospital having babies.  

Day 102 - AC! 

Day 103 - I snapped this picture of Blakely because this is what she does when I wake her up in the know those 13 hours she got the night before were not enough apparently!

Day 104 - Blakely is always extra happy when she gets to wear her Bumble Bee leg warmers to dance!  She's our B! 

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