Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!!

I seriously get so happy when we make it through the work/school week!  

Today I am linking up to bring you all of the things I am loving this week!

Overnight Date Night
John and I officially spent our first night away from the kids as a couple.  The only other time I've left any of my kids overnight is when I was in the hospital having babies!  John goes on a trip with his Dad and brother every September and he works a lot, so it was not new for him!  But for me....I was nervous!  We went to Atlantic City for the night and spent an entire 24 hours KID FREE!  It was a super last minute trip, which probably worked best because it didn't give me a lot of time to chicken out and cancel our plans! 
For fun here is a collage of our first AC trip in 2006 and us now in 2016.  10 years and 3 kids later...

Speaking of that amazing overnight date, I got a box of macaroons from the bakery there and they were AMAZING! 

If you missed my Mommy Monday Post, head there and check out these sweet pictures of my two tiny dancers!  I can't wait for Paisley to join her big sisters one day!  
This one is my very favorite:

PINK Le Creuset 
Finally after years of searching (seven years to be exact) you can finally get PINK Le Creuset items in the US!  You could order them off of Ebay before but never from actual retailers unless you lived in Europe.  Well now you can find it everywhere!  The color is called Hibiscus and I AM IN LOVE!  
My kitchen needs all of this pink goodness! 

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