Thursday, April 7, 2016

#hiloskyeveryday2016 Weeks 11, 12, 13

Day 70 - even though it was March, it felt like summer outside!

Day 71 and 72 - Me and Paisley got the stomach bug.  It was the worst two days ever.  

Day 73 - These two are always dancing!

Day 74 - Feeling better and off to the doctor for her 15 month well visit!  Paisley got a clean bill of health and is still brining up the rear of the Hilosky height/weight chart! 

Day 75 - Well you knew someone was going to get the stomach bug too.  Sick day for Lacie, but she still insisted on making her teacher a birthday card! 

Day 76 - Lacie was feeling better and somehow her BFF Blakely managed to be the only Hilosky to avoid this round of the stomach flu!

Day 77 - Happy Saint Patrick's Day from my three girls who are just a wee bit Irish! 

Day 78 - Lacie's Spring Show at Preschool!

Day 79 - just two dancing sisters working on their stretches!

Day 80 - Happy Birthday Uncle Matt! 

Day 81 - It's a blurry picture but I just had to share.  It's so typical!  Reason why my three year old is crying...her big sister hugged her too hard! 

Day 82 - Paisley Jean!  Sweetest Baby!

Day 83 - Blakely Hope!  Tiny Dancer! 

Day 84 - Day Date with My Love!

Day 85 - The visit with the Easter Bunny went exactly as expected... #lacielovedthebunny #paisleywasnotafan #blakelywasinitforthecadburyeggs

Day 86 - Having a blast celebrating Dylan's First Birthday!

Day 87 - Happy Easter from the Hilosky Girls!

Day 88 - We had a blast playing at Princeton Play Space

Day 89 - Everyone is on Spring Break, so John and I managed to sneak in another Day Date! 

Day 90 - How I find them in the morning #headstands

Day 91 - These two have such a sweet, special bond!

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