Thursday, September 3, 2015

#hiloskyeveryday2015 - Weeks 32, 33, 34, and 35

Day 218 - 100 Days to Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 219 - Fun Day with Aunt Laura at Sesame Place! 

Day 220 - enjoying the bounce house at Bradley's First Birthday! 

Day 221 - it takes a little bit more to be a Spartan!

Day 222 - John and I got to enjoy an awesome date at Grub Burger Bar.  Our good friend opened the newest location of this awesome burger chain out in Montgomeryville, PA.  And just an FYI - that is a Nutella Milkshake!  It is quite possibly the best milkshake I have ever had! 

Day 223 - How is this sweet face already 8 months old!  I may want time to slow down, but Paisley couldn't be happier to be 8 months! 

Day 224 - enjoying some family time at Sesame Place!

Day 225 - how cool is Paisley Jean?!?

Day 226 - taking the big girls to see their very first movie - "Inside Out".

Day 227 - A fun morning visit and waffle breakfast with Gretchen! 

Day 228 - we had to put the baby jail back up - Paisley in on the move! 

Day 229 - Mommy's helper at the food store! 

Day 230 - Lacie Jane's very last day as a three year old! 

Day 231 - Lacie's very first day as a four year old!  Happy Birthday Lacie Jane! 

Day 232 - Playdate with our very best girlfriends! 

Day 233 - sister love <3

Day 234 - I'm just in love with these matching zebra rompers from Aunt Laura!  

Day 235 - I don't know what to do with this child.  She walked into the kitchen like this and told me that she was ice skating! 

Day 236 - Paisley is so happy that she can finally pull herself up on the couch!  

Day 237 - Everyday.  Everyday I get to see this face first thing in the morning.  I am such a lucky Mama! 

Day 238 - Story time at Barnes and Noble!

Day 239 - it doesn't always look like this, but I love the moments when they read books quietly!

Day 240 - Blakely Hope trying on her very first pair of dance shoes!  

Day 241 - I think Lacie has some potential as a soccer player...just as long as she can wear her jewels and her crown on the field!

Day 242 - they always sit side by side, and I love it!

Day 243 - *sigh* I ask for nice smiles and I get these "cheese" faces instead!

Day 244 - a little soccer to tire us out before bed! 

Day 245 - Blakely was super excited to try on her tutus for Dance Class!  Two weeks until her very first class!

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