Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Transformation Tuesday: the 21 Day Fix and Shakeology

So a few weeks ago, I shared with you that I had decided to make some very important time for myself!  As a Mommy to three kids all three and younger, I don't get any free time - so I needed to actually make an effort to schedule that time!  I wanted to start eating healthier and exercising and get back to (or close to) my pre-baby body!  In addition to selfishly wanting to look good, I also wanted to feel good.  I needed more energy!  I want to be the mom who is running around and playing with her kids!  I owe them a healthy and happy Mommy!

That's when I decided to try a program that I've been hearing about - Shakeology and the 21 Day Fix!  I committed to making changes in my nutrition and exercising for 21 Days straight!

Here's What I Love About Shakeology:
*it's easy - mix in a shaker cup or whip up in the blender
*it tastes good!  Not like a chocolate milkshake but still good enough that I enjoy drinking it!
*I can drink it with one hand - that's important because I usually have a baby in the other hand
*it gives me energy - and I need all the energy I can get
*it helped me cut way down on coffee (now I only have one cup per day)
*it's full of nutrients!  Shakeology is so much more than just protein...it's packed with super foods!  I'm not the healthiest eater so being able to get that much nutrition in a shake, first thing in the morning, is wonderful

Here's What I Love About the 21 Day Fix:
*you get an exercise program plus a nutrition program - it's the whole package
*the workouts have a nice variety - yoga, pilates, weights, cardio
*the workouts are 30 minutes - this fits perfectly in my schedule
*the nutrition plan focuses on portion control and gives you containers to help you portion out food 

I took some very honest before and after pictures!  In 21 Days (that's only 3 weeks people), I was able to lose 9 pounds and 4 inches off my tummy and hips.  I know a lot of people don't believe the before and after pictures that are online and the commercials, but these are real and unedited.  I didn't photoshop or filter my pictures.  I didn't even apply self tanner lol.  They're about as honest as it gets!

I still have a long fitness journey ahead of me, but I am off to a wonderful start!  I believe in Shakeology and the beachbody programs so much that I decided to become a coach!  And now John is on board too!  He's drinking Shakeology and doing T25!  Now that I have completed one round of the 21 Day Fix, I am doing T25 with John!  And I already love it!  That program goes for 10 weeks!  In about two months, I will have another set of before and after pictures!  

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