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Shades of Pink: Baby Must Haves

A few months ago, I shared my Newborn Necessities!  This was a very very popular post!  Now that Paisley is four months old (more about that on Mommy Monday), I've been thinking about all of the Baby Must Haves that I love.  These are things that have been essential as we move out of the newborn stage and into the baby stage!

1. A Highchair 
When your baby was a newborn, there was no need for a highchair!  But at some point between four and six months, you are going to start feeding your baby food!  Real food!  Not just breastmilk or formula!  And for that you really need a highchair.  We have two highchairs and I like both for different reasons.  The first one we had was a simple one that secured onto a regular kitchen chair!  This is great if you don't have a ton of space.  The downside of it is that it takes up one of your regular kitchen chairs (one less seat for when you have company).  The second highchair we got when we found out we were having a second baby was a freestanding highchair because I didn't want to take up another kitchen seat!  Lacie went into the big freestanding chair and Blakely got the little space saver one!  Once you have decided what kind you want based on your kitchen set up, pick one that is easy to clean with a big tray for baby to learn to feed themselves and also play on!

We have this freestanding highchair - in PINK of course!
We have this highchair that hooks onto a kitchen chair:
2. A Baby Carrier
I included this in my Newborn Necessities as well!  When my girls were newborns I love the Moby Wrap and the Ring Sling.  As they get older, the Ergo becomes my favorite.  It's really comfy to wear for long periods of time, and I always felt like the babies were really secure in it.  Plus it's super easy to use!  John wears it too!  We currently have a hand-me-down Ergo but how cute is this Pink and Gray Chevron One - I think it's time for a new Ergo!!!

3. A Play Mat
We have two play mats - one upstairs and one downstairs.  To be fair you can use them when your babies are newborns - we did - our girls were always on these mats.  But the baby won't start really rolling around and playing with the toys until three months and older.  So to me they aren't a necessity right away!  We have an older version of this mat:

4. Walkers/Jumperoos
Sometime between four and six months your baby will have the head control to be able to play in a jumperoo or a similar type of entertainer!  These come in handy because they contain your baby and entertain them for a decent amount of time - allowing you to take a shower or cook dinner!  We have a walker that the girls loved!  I loved it because it could also be used as a stationary toy before they are walking!

  5. A Baby Monitor
This could also be considered a Newborn Necessity but for us it wasn't until the girls were older.  Some people come right home from the hospital and put the baby in the crib, but we didn't do that.  Our girls slept all over the house - the swing, the rock and play, the bouncy seat, the moses basket - but never in their crib right away.  Lacie started transitioning to the crib around three months and we are currently working on getting Paisley to sleep in there as well.  Blakely was our earliest and went into the crib at 2 months!  I like to have a video monitor because I always wanted to be able to see the girls.  I also think the video monitor helps allow your babies to be better sleepers because you don't rush in there the second they start fussing.  Instead, you can look on the monitor and see why they are fussing - sometimes they just need to adjust their position.  The video monitor offers nice peace of mind!  If you are planning to have more than one child, get a monitor that has two cameras or at least has the option to buy additional cameras!  We have this one:

I could have probably kept going and added more items (like strollers - I could probably do an entire post on strollers), but these are the things I used for all of my babies every single day!  

What are your Baby Must Haves?

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