Thursday, April 16, 2015

#hiloskyeveryday2015 Weeks 13, 14, and 15

Day 85 - Blakely has such a funny personality! 

Day 86 - Getting my 21 Day Fix on with Paisley first thing in the morning!  You can read more about this program here and always feel free to ask my any questions! 

Day 87 - So happy to be able to get outside for walks! 

Day 88 - Lacie got to take her dance recital pictures!  I can't get over how sweet she looks in her costume! 

Day 89 - Mommy's helper at the food store!  No I didn't realize I took this picture in the wine section lol.

Day 90 - crazy hair don't care! 

Day 91 - Paisley is getting so big!  She's really starting to play with her toys!  

Day 92 - How is she 3 1/2 already!?! 

Day 93 - a much needed date with my love!  We always try to sneak out at naptime for day dates so that we don't miss out on spending time with the kids!

Day 94 - a successful Easter Bunny picture where no one cried! 

Day 95 - Happy Easter!

Day 96 - We are officially booked for our very first Disney World Vacation!!!

Day 97 - I just love love love watching how much Blakely adores her baby sister! 

Day 98 - these two are the very best of friends! 

Day 99 - Mommy's Helper!  

Day 100 - Happy National Sibling Day from the Hilosky Girls! 

Day 101 - Ummm how is she Four Months old already! 

Day 102 - Praise the Lord for beautiful weather!  I can't wait to spend lots of time outside this summer!

Day 103 - park with Nana!

Day 104 - this little four month old held her bottle the entire time she ate!

Day 105 - Cinderella is Blakely's favorite Disney Princess, so she was super excited to wear this shirt!  I can't wait for this girl to meet Cinderella in Disney World! 

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