Monday, April 20, 2015

Mommy Mondays: Paisley Jean is Four Months Old

On April 11th, my sweet Paisley Jean hit the four month mark!  Crazy!  Four months is when I officially consider my children to be out of the "newborn" stage!  SO much happens after four months.  This is the age where they start rolling around like crazy.  They also work on sitting up.  You can begin to feed them little tastes of food!  Lots of good times and developmental milestones ahead! 

At Four Months Old Paisley:
*smiles when she recognizes faces
*is transitioning out of her swaddle
*is starting to sleep in her crib
*holds a bottle
*sits up in the bumbo seat or with assistance
*puts all of her weight on her legs if you hold her standing up
*rolls from her stomach to her back
*tries to roll from her back to her stomach (but tends to get stuck)

Paisley Loves:
*walks outside
*soft toys
*standing in her walker
*watching her sisters play
*kicking the water during bath time 
*anything that plays music and lights up

Paisley Hates:
*getting out of the bath
*getting dressed
*getting shots

We had Paisley's four month well visit at the pediatrician's office this morning!  She got a clean bill of health!  Our doctor was impressed with how much weight she puts on her legs when standing.  She was also very happy with her level of head control!  Then Paisley had to get two shots - ugh watching them get vaccines is just awful!  Paisley is still the most petite of the Hilosky girls! 

Paisley's Four Month Stats:
12 pounds (10th percentile)
23 1/2 inches (25th percentile)
Head Circumference - 15 3/4 inches (25th percentile)

Lacie's Four Month Stats:
15lbs, 1oz
24 3/4 inches

Blakely's Four Month Stats:
15lbs, 9.5oz
26 inches

at FOUR months

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