Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Favorites

We've reached the end of another week, and that means that I am sharing my Friday Favorites with all of my wonderful readers!

1. Derek Jeter's Last Game at Yankee Stadium
I am a bit tired this morning because I stayed up late to watch Derek Jeter's final game in pinstripes!  And yes, staying up until 11pm is late for this 27 weeks pregnant mama!  It's a bittersweet Friday Favorite because I am truly so sad that his career is over, but I was so happy with the way the game ended!  John and I have spent many nights sitting on our couch watching Derek Jeter lead the Yankees!  He will be the player that we talk to our kids and our grandkids about the same way that my Daddy talks to us about Micky Mantle.  You can read my post about our Yankee Love (and see some awesome pics of my girls in Yankee gear) here!

I made a batch of these yesterday for a showing of our house...which we are still trying to sell (ugh).  I love love love these muffins!  You take three ingredients, mix with a wooden spoon, and bake!  Your house will smell A*M*A*Z*I*N*G and they taste even better!  You can find the recipe here

3.  Baking Essentials - Pink Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer
Earlier this week, I shared a new Shades of Pink post about Baking Essentials that I cannot live without!  #1 on my list is hands down my Pink Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer!  I would be lost without this thing!  

4. Chatbooks
Oh my goodness, I am so excited about this one!  I signed up for a Chatbooks subscription and my first order arrived this week!  I read about this on some other blogs and I knew I had to have them!  Here's the deal - download the app, get a subscription linked to your Instagram, and get a book for every 60 pictures you take!  Oh yeah did I mention it's $6.00?!?!  And there is no shipping!!!  You can edit the books and pick and choose pictures or you can get all of them.  I started my books for January 1st (when I began #hiloskyeveryday2014) and decided to include every picture, even pics that aren't the "everyday"!  You can decide if you want your captions included in the book (I did).  The spines of the book are also labeled with a title that you pick and a Volume number!  Such an easy way to preserve memories! 

5. Even More Halloween Pajamas

I blogged about the pink skeleton PJs during last week's Friday Favorites!  Well we were gifted even more Halloween PJs and I am so in love!  I mean there is really nothing better than clean, snuggly kids in festive, seasonal pajamas! 

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  1. Happy Friday!! You are so ready for fall--- i need to bake those muffins and get my kids some hallloween jammies asap!

    1. Thanks Sarita! Happy Friday to you too! I was definitely ready for Fall as soon as September 1st arrived! Being pregnant made me more ready for summer to end than every before! The muffins are so easy and delicious, I am confident you will love them!



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