Thursday, September 25, 2014

#hiloskyeveryday2014 Week 39

Day 262 - This is what nap time looks like at the Hilosky House!  Feet up, Ugg slippers on, and hot chocolate with pumpkin marshmallows!  #heaven

Day 263 - Fun day at Sesame Place!  And yes, I love how my girls hold hands on the carousel!  It never gets old! 

Day 264 - 26 Weeks (plus 2 days).  The bump is getting bigger! 

Day 265 - Miss Lacie told me she needed a break from "working" on her computer to drink some tea! 

Day 266 - Yes, we stayed in our PJs all day!  When I snapped this picture, they were singing "Let It Go."  Sweet B was really into it! 

Day 267 - I can pretty much guarantee that you will see a picture of my tiny dancer every.single.wednesday!  I love how sweet she looks in her tutu, and I love how much she loves going to dance class!

Day 268 - We are really hoping that the rain does not interfere with Derek Jeter's last home game...even though these girls will be sound asleep by the opening pitch!

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