Thursday, September 18, 2014

#hiloskyeveryday2014 Weeks 37 and 38

Day 248 - These are what my girls call their "funny faces."

Day 249 - Somehow this little lady is still opening birthday presents in September (her birthday was August 19th)!

Day 250 - Derek Jeter Day and 24 weeks (and 2 days)!  Paisley is growing!

Day 251 - Baby You Can Drive My Car!  

Day 252 - Sweet B

Day 253 - Lacie's very first day of dance class!  This is all she has been able to talk about! 

Day 254 - an afternoon walk with Nana!

Day 255 - Hot Chocolate with a Pumpkin Marshmallow! 

Day 256 - John and I had a wedding to attend and Paisley came along too!  25 weeks already! 

Day 257 - it's finally feeling like fall and in the mornings we definitely need our hoodies! 

Day 258 - some of the Daddy/Daughter artwork I found around the I can still see my feet! 

Day 259 - haha this is the difference between what my girls look like when they wake up on the morning!

Day 260 - my tiny dancer at her second class! 

Day 261 - Wearing their Frozen sisters shirts!  

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