Thursday, April 24, 2014

#hiloskyeveryday2014 Week 17

Happy Thursday!  If you have been following my blog for some time now, you know that means it's time for a new #hiloskyeveryday2014!  It's week 17 and today is day 114!

Day 108 - we finally moved the 58 inch TV from the man cave in the basement (which no longer gets used) to our bedroom!  I may never leave this bed!  Except I have to since I have two little ones to chase after.  We definitely should have put this baby on the wall when we were newlyweds...aka the time of our life when we had all day and night to lay around and watch TV! 

Day 109 - getting ready to go visit some very special cousins...this was the best we got that afternoon! Of course Mirabelle and Lili needed to be posed for the picture too! 

Day 110 - Happy Easter!  Sweet B participating in the Egg Hunt (she slept through last years).  She carried as many eggs as her little arms possibly could! 

Day 111 - This is Lili, Lacie's favorite stuffed animal (or "friend" as Lacie says).   You can tell that she is a very loved doll!  Well at nap time, Lacie had some fun creating a hole and picking the stuffing out of Lili.  Thank goodness Nana was able to fix her! 

Day 112 - Our bedtime routine is probably my most favorite part of the day!  I love snuggling up with my just-bathed, sweet-smelling girls for a good cuddle and story! 

Day 113 - These two crack me up!  All Day Long! 

Day 114 - Little Miss Nature Girl! She could spend all day picking flowers and grass! 

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