Monday, December 2, 2013

Mommy Mondays - New Christmas Traditions

We are in full Christmas Mode at the Hilosky house!  The tree has been up for awhile now, the stockings are hung, and the Elf on the Shelf is moving about keeping an eye on the girls!  Christmas music has been playing for over a month now!  The only thing that would make this time of year better would be if the weather was warm - and it's is freezing! Oh well, I guess the cold weather makes it feel more like Christmas!

Yesterday was December 1st, so our sweet little advent house was added to the Christmas decor.  We are now officially counting down the days until Christmas.

And I wanted to start another tradition that would help count down the days until Christmas - because I just love a good tradition!  So when we woke up on December first, Cocoa (our Elf) was sitting under the tree with 24 wrapped presents!  She wrapped 24 books so that we could open one each night during the month of December!

The girls (especially Lacie because she really gets it) were so excited to find Cocoa and the presents under the tree on Sunday morning!  Now before you begin stressing about having to buy 24 books on top of Christmas presents, please know that I didn't buy 24 books all at one time - in fact I didn't have to buy a single one.  I wrapped Christmas books that I already had - one of the perks of being a former Kindergarten teacher!  You can wrap books that you already own, even books that your children have already read.  They won't care!  The excitement comes from picking a package to open every night and read before bed!  It's a fun and simple tradition that doesn't have to be expensive!  It also encourages reading and family time!  The four of us snuggled in Mommy and Daddy's bed to read our first night's book!  They loved it!  John and I loved it!  Your family will love it too! 

Lacie picked last night's book so carefully making sure not to touch Cocoa!  Both girls got to rip open the wrapping paper, and then we read the book as a family! 

Now as the years go on, I can keep favorite books from this collection and replace ones that they have outgrown with new stories, but I will never have to buy 24 books all at one time!  I bet you have more holiday books in your house than you realize right now!  I didn't think that I would have 24...I thought I would have to buy at least a few...I had more than 24!   

Now let's take a look at where Cocoa, our Elf on the Shelf, has been hanging out this week! 

Here's Cocoa sitting on the branches of the Christmas tree!  This gave her the perfect view of the girls' play area.

Watching from atop the kitchen blinds! 

 Cocoa helped herself to our Thanksgiving cookies! 

Cocoa hanging from the ceiling fan in the kitchen!

Last night, Cocoa landed in the tissue box!  It looks like she even folded up some tissues to take a nap! 

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