Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Favorites: Pink Pink Pink

Happy Friday!  Today I thought I would share some random PINK favorites that I've been loving lately!

Pink Nails
I love painting my nails - both my fingers and my toes!  I love doing it myself!  Even at 39 weeks pregnant - with all 3 girls - I managed to paint my toes before going to the hospital! No way was I going in for my c-section without manicured toes (and fingers to match of course).  I have tons of nail polish in all different colors, but my favorite for summer is anything Bright Pink! OPI just came out with some new pinks that I love love love!

Currently I am wearing Hotter Than You Pink on my nails!

Online it looks more purple but you can see that in real life it's PINK!

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE On Pinks and Needles!  It's a really fun pink sparkle that I've been layering on top of other colors!  

And on my own toes I'm currently wearing Can't Hear Myself Pink (I've said it before, but I would truly love to be the Nailpolish Naming Person)

Pink Kitchen
Seriously, if I could, I would make my entire kitchen pink.  The whole thing!  Like this:

But until I can figure out a way to make that happen, I will be happy with my pink accents all around my kitchen!  I already love love love my pink Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, which I shared with you in this post.  

And recently I've been looking to add some more pink accents.  
I love this pink cake stand:

Or this pink cream and sugar set:

Honestly, when it comes to my kitchen I find myself saying:

Pink Coffee
I love love love my Keurig because I want to be able to make a cup of coffee anytime I want.  I do not want to have to wait for an entire pot to brew and drip.  However, sometimes John and I do talk about putting a regular coffee maker next to our Keurig coffee maker so that on the weekends or when we are having a party we can brew a whole pot.  And well, quite honestly, I always look at this coffee maker and it pretty much seems like it is calling my name!
Pink Desserts
I normally only think of Pink Desserts around Valentine's Day but I should really make them more often!  My favorite are these Strawberry White Chocolate Bars!

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  1. I'm a pink girl, too! And just to prove it, I got a mani yesterday and got the color Strawberry Margarita!

    1. Strawberry Margarita is a great color! It's actually the color that I painted my nails and toes for my first date with my hubby - 9 years ago! So it is a great color!!! Happy Friday! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Sorry it took me so long to thank you for sharing your fav pink post at my last Party! Its been a crazy week than most! Here is the new Fabulous Friday Party link for this week! Hugs Maria



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