Monday, July 13, 2015

Mommy Mondays: Paisley Jean is Seven Months

On Saturday July 11th our sweetest Paisley turned seven months old!  It's so crazy to think that with each month birthday, she gets closer and closer to ONE! I am so grateful that this sweet, happy, funny baby is a part of our lives!  It's clear by her presence in our house that John and I were meant to have a third baby, and Lacie and Blakely were meant to have another sister.  Blakely especially was meant to be a big sister.  She is so loving towards Paisley!

At Seven Months Old Paisley:
*says "Mama"
*rolls all around
*spins herself in circles
*sits on her own
*eats all pureed food plus soft food like pancakes
*sleeps 12 plus hours straight at night
*sleeps in her crib for nighttime and all naps
*finds her pacifier and puts herself back to sleep if she wakes up early 

Paisley Loves:
*pancakes, puffs, and yogurt melts
*seeing her sisters faces first thing in the morning
*waving at the front door
*Minnie Mouse
*music and dancing
*taking baths in the big tub with her sisters
*swimming in the pool 
*pacifiers - we just got her 6 more yesterday

Paisley Hates:
*getting lotion on after bath...
...and seriously that is it!  She is the happiest baby on the block! 

Here is a Side by Side of the girls at SEVEN MONTHS:
Here's what I think about all three girls at seven months:
*Blakely was the biggest - Paisley is the smallest (this was true at birth)
*Lacie had the most hair and the darkest hair (this was true at birth also)
*They all have the same heart face shape
*They all have the same blue eyes
*They each have their own unique smile

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