Thursday, June 25, 2015

#hiloskyeveryday2015 Weeks 23, 24, and 25

Day 155 - I just love how much Lacie loves dancing!

Day 156 - a much needed haircut for Lacie and Blakely's first haircut ever!  B wasn't a fan and had to be bribed with a lollipop...and then she still wouldn't sit in the chair.

Day 157 - Happy Birthday Grandpop! 

Day 158 - We finally like tummy time!

Day 159 - I can't enough of the way these two snuggle!

Day 160 - I think I spot a future coffee addict!  Like mother, like daughter!

Day 161 - this is where we will be all summer!

Day 162 - how is she already six months old?!?

Day 163 - the very best friends <3

Day 164 - Pool Day!

Day 165 - we added bubbles to the slip and slide.  It was obviously a big hit!

Day 166 - first Blueberry picking day of the season!

Day 167 - sometimes Mama needs an iced latte in the afternoon!

Day 168 - Lacie's dress rehearsal #1

Day 169 - what's better than a

Day 170 - Sisters holding hands at Sesame Place!

Day 171 - We had to give Daddy his Father's Day gift one day early!  I just love this shirt that I designed him!  He is the best #girldad

Day 172 - We went out for ice cream and in typical third child fashion Paisley got to taste her first bite of it at only six months old! 

Day 173 - If Paisley drops her Paci someone is always there to help her get it back in!

Day 174 - Poor Lacie had allergy testing.  That's a positive reaction for peanuts.  She was so brave through the entire thing! 

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