Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's FRIDAY!!!!  And that means it's time for another round of Friday Favorites!

 As I parent, I couldn't resit this picture I saw while browsing Pinterest!  Isn't that the truth!

1.  Puddle Jumpers

I know, I know!  I'm really late to the game with these.  I have seen kids wearing puddle jumpers at our pool every single summer.  But here's the thing.  My kids are little skinny minis - they say that these are for children weighing 30 pounds.  Well Lacie finally reached the 30 pound mark!  And Blakely is about 27.  So I figured that I could go ahead and buy them for the summer!  They did not disappoint!  My girls are swimming all over the pool with these things!  

2. John's Father's Day Shirt 

In trying to find John a great gift for Father's Day, I really wanted something that would have all three girls names on it.  John is not a jewelry person so that was out.  And it's hard to find something that will accommodate three names - most ideas I found only allowed for two names.  When we just had Lacie and Blakely I designed custom shoes that had each girls name on the back.  I really wanted something that John would wear all the time, so what better than a t-shirt!  You can find John wearing t-shirts and shorts all year round - even during New Jersey winters!  So this was perfect.  And obviously I had to throw a little pink in there!  Here's the back of the shirt:

You can go to Cafe Press and order one of their already made shirts or design your own!

3.  Baby Food
It's that time!  Paisley is six months old and she finally seems ready to eat solid foods consistently - twice a day!  She is loving Puffs, and teething crackers, and thicker pureed food!  I always buy some jars or pouches, but for the most part I really enjoy making my own Baby Food!  I plan to do an entire post all about baby food, but for now I am so excited to make my favorite Roasted Blueberry and Banana Puree - with local blueberries of course! 

4. Fourth Of July
Summer is in full swing, and it's hard to believe that next weekend we will already be celebrating The Fourth of July!  I love love love looking at little kids clothes for all of the Holidays, and July 4th is no different!  I adore all of the red, white, and blue designs and they are perfect for wearing all summer long!  I already have outfits for the girls that they wore back on Memorial Day and will be wearing again!  Here are some other outfits that I thought were really sweet:

5. Island Coconut K-Cups
Hands down, the Island Coconut k-cups are my favorite in the summer!  They're a seasonal flavor so they aren't always available!  I am obsessed with them and I look forward to their spring release date every single year!  If you like coconut go find this flavor!

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