Thursday, June 4, 2015

#hiloskyeveryday2015 Weeks 21 and 22

Day 141 - Good morning snuggles!  Sweet B and Sweet P!

Day 142 - starting Memorial Day Weekend at the beach! 

Day 143 - Riding Blast Off with Daddy at Sesame Place - Mommy doesn't do this ride!

Day 144 - Wearing our Red, White, and Blue!

Day 145 - back on Sesame Street and hanging out with Elmo!  

Day 146 - My big helper at the food store!  

Day 147 - this Beatle's bib from England in Epcot has lasted through three Hilosky Girls!

Day 148 - we spent the morning having a fun playdate with some girlfriends <3

Day 149 - Mommy took just the big girls to Sesame Place while Nana stayed home with Paisley! 

Day 150 - Lacie thinks she's a mermaid!

Day 151 - first pool day of the summer!

Day 152 - Happy Birthday Daddy!

Day 153 - it rained and we stayed in our PJs all day long!

Day 154 - someone isn't feeling so great.  I blame teething but it breaks my heart to see my normally happy baby be so serious all day long!  

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