Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Show and Tell: New Year's Resolutions

I'm super excited to be linking up with Momfessionals for a new series called Show and Tell Tuesdays!  Today's is all about New Year's Resolutions and Goals!  I always made resolutions but I do not always stick with for an entire year.  I am definitely guilty of giving up after a month or so.  However, last year my goal was to take more pictures - specifically at least one picture everyday!  That's how #hiloskyeveryday2014 was born.  I can happily report that I took and posted 365 pictures - I didn't miss one day!  And I loved it so much that I am continuing that into 2015!  But I did also make some new resolutions.

1. Goodbye Baby Weight
Three babies in three years will really do a number to your body!  And like most women, I gained more each time around.  I clocked in a weight gain of 50 pounds with Paisley!  And this is the year that I am determined to loose that baby weight.  I know this resolution sounds a bit shallow or vain, and in part it is because I definitely want to look better and fit into my pre-baby clothes.  But there is definitely a bigger picture with this goal.  I want to be healthy for myself, my husband, and especially my three girls.  They deserve a mommy who is happy, healthy, and full of energy!
Lots of things will need to happen in order to meet this goal.  One is eating wayyyy healthier than I did during pregnancy.  Another is to drink more water.  This is really hard for me in the winter when I could live of off coffee.  The third piece of the weight loss puzzle is going back to the gym (once I get the all clear from my doctor).  I need to find a way to exercise consistently - at least a few days per week at the gym and a few days per week at home! Finally, lots and lots of yoga (my favorite way to be fit both mentally and physically).
Oh and you may notice that the sign says John needs to loose his baby weight too!  He definitely packed on a few sympathy pounds during my three pregnancies!  He was eating those pints of ice cream right next to me!

2. Plan Two Dates Per Month
In 2014, John and I tried to have a date night (or a date day) at least once a month.  This year, I am raising the bar and striving for two!  It is so important to get in that alone time, even if it's not that often!  When you have kids, you go from basically every night being date night to never having any alone time (especially in those first few months).  One of the best things for our relationship is having a strict schedule and bedtime for the kids so we go get that much needed alone time every night after 7 pm.  But with a newborn all bets are off and you are back to around the clock duty!  I am looking forward to getting out of the house two times each month for a special date!  And then once Paisley starts sleeping through the night with a set bedtime, we can go back to our mini nightly dates at home!

3. Bring Religion into Daily Life
I would say that John and I were both raised in households that placed a high value on the importance of religion, and we have lost that over the years.  We made an effort to get married in the church and baptize all of our children...but that has been the extent of religion for the past five plus years.  We both agree that we need to (and have the desire to) bring religion into our (and most importantly our children's) daily lives!  This means praying daily and trying to go to church.  It may mean finding a new church, one that I feel more connected with than our current church.  I don't have a clear picture of what this resolution looks like, I just know that it is something we need to be conscious of working on.

4. Cook New Foods
I know this may sound crazy coming from a person who blogs recipes, but I definitely want to make an effort to make new recipes and try new foods in 2015!  The last 8 weeks of my pregnancy and the first weeks with a new baby have been filled with LOTS of takeout!  And I'm totally okay with that.  But as Paisley gets on a schedule and *hopefully* begins sleeping more, my goal is to get back in the kitchen and try new recipes!  It is so easy to rely on tried and true dishes that I know how to make without having to follow an unfamiliar recipe.  This year my goal is to try to make four brand new dinners each month (and that is really only one per week when you think about it).  I think that this goal is really doable, and it will be fun and beneficial for the whole family!

What are your New Year's Resolutions and Goals?

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  1. Stopping in from the link up. I love your list. Religion into daily life is a hard one, I should of had that one on my list too !! I love your blog title ! Amanda @uniquelyunfolded[dot}com



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