Thursday, January 8, 2015

#hiloskyeveryday2014 Weeks 50 and 51 and 52

Things have been so busy in the Hilosky House with welcoming Baby #3 that I didn't get a chance to post my final weeks of #hiloskyeveryday2014! Today I am wrapping up the last 3 weeks of 2014 and next week I will begin sharing my everyday pics for 2015! 

Day 339 - the Hilosky Girls' Funny Faces! 

Day 340 - making a gingerbread house!

Day 341 - 37 weeks and 2 days! My final week by week picture! 

Day 342 - Blakely gets so excited when it's her night to read a book! Our book advent countdown is one of my favorite Christmas traditions! 

Day 343 - I just love love love when my hubby cooks dinner! Mama got to put her very swollen feet up! 

Day 344 - making a Happy Birthday Paisley cake! 

Day 345 - Welcome to the World Paisley Jean Hilosky! We are so in love!!! 

Day 346 - Paisley Jean Day 2! 

Day 347 - Paisley's very first photo shoot! 

Day 348 - Paisley wearing her paisley print and ready to go home! 

Day 349 - Lacie Jane stepping into her role as the Biggest Sister! 

Day 350 - my view at 5am! My heart could just explode with how much joy this view brings!

Day 351 - So tiny in her big crib!

Day 352 - Lacie and Blakely singing and dancing at Miss Amy with Daddy! 

Day 353 - Tummy time turned into nap time.  

Day 354 - Paisley's first Pancake Saturday! 

Day 355 - Paisley size comparison to the girls' Bitty Babies!

Day 356 - Princess Puzzle Complete!

Day 357 - Sleeping on the job (she was supposed to be playing). 

Day 358 - My greatest Christmas Present is watching the three girls love on each other everyday.

Day 359 - Merry Christmas from the Hilosky Girls!

Day 360 - Snuggling with Daddy and smiling in her sleep!

Day 361 - Getting so big already.

Day 362 - God Bless Paisley Jean on her the day of her Christening!

Day 363 - First Family of Five Selfie!

Day 364 - The littlest little sister!

Day 365 - We Made It!  A Whole Year of Pictures! 

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