Thursday, January 29, 2015

#hiloskyeveryday2015 Weeks 3 and 4

Day 15 - playtime

Day 16 - I got this post in my time hop!  Apparently 4 years ago on this day John and I announced that we were expecting our first baby (who would turn out to be Lacie Jane).  It's amazing how much our family has grown since this announcement!

Day 17 - My morning view is the best! 

Day 18 - dancing sisters

Day 19 - we're still a little unsure about bath time

Day 20 - just chatting with Mr. Octopus

Day 21 - Sisters <3

Day 22 - some special Mommy/Blakely time complete with Pink Cakepops! 

Day 23 - Paisley Jean!  So Big! 

Day 24 - some snowday snuggles

Day 25 - John and I don't really like snow but our kids do...

Day 26 - my view all day everyday (and I'm not complaining) #sleepsonmommy

Day 27 - their artwork really matches their personalities...Lacie concentrates and gets really upset if her picture isn't perfect...and well B's is a little bit of a hot mess.  

Day 28 - Miss Personality

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