Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Favorites: Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is only three weeks away!  I have lots of love for this special PINK holiday!

1. Valentine's Day Treats:

If time allows, there will be tons of Valentine's Day treat making in the next few weeks!  I will be sharing some new recipes as well as making a few of last year's favorites (like the kiss cookies pictured above).  Click Here for all of my Valentine's Day dessert recipes that you can make for your sweetie, your kids, or anyone special in your life!

2. Kitchen and Bath Towels:
One of my favorite ways to decorate is to change out the bathroom and kitchen towels to match the current holiday!  Let's be honest, doing this is easy and it's about all I have time for at this crazy stage in life!  I just ordered these Love You More than coffee kitchen towels.
And here are a few more cute towel ideas:

3. Valentine's Day Plates:
Another thing that I always do is buy kids plates to coordinate with the season or upcoming holiday.  Right now we are enjoying some plates that I got at Wegmans!  I often joke that the food store is where I do 90% of my shopping these days!  However, I am eyeing up some other cute, festive plates!

4. Valentine's Day Baking Supplies
Oh there are just so many fun things to help make Valentine's Day treats.  The first one that I am obsessed with is this adorable heart shaped bundt pan.  How cute would this pan be for making a cake every year.  You can also use it on your anniversary too!
If you don't want to make a huge heart shaped cake, I really love this sweet little pan to make heart shaped cakelets! This is really fun, especially if you have kids! Then everyone gets their own mini heart cake!
And finally some other fun Valentine's Day supplies for the kitchen! I always love finding a good cookie cutter to add to my collection for each holiday!
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