Monday, August 11, 2014

Mommy Mondays: Sisters

Well last week we found out some pretty big news....Baby Hilosky #3 (who I was certain was a boy) is really a GIRL!  I cannot wait to meet sweet little Paisley Jean in 20 weeks or less!  You can read all about our gender reveal party HERE!

Now I have discovered that when you already have two girls, everyone has something to say about what they "hope" this baby would be...and most seemed to be "hoping" this baby would be a boy.  John and I were , of course, just hoping for a healthy baby.  Beyond that a boy would have been nice so that we could have had the different experience of raising a boy.  But deep down, I really was hoping that this little baby would be another girl.  Not for me, but for Lacie and Blakely.  Watching my two girls be sisters and best friends is the best thing about being a mommy, and I so wanted to give them another sister!  Once we found out that Baby #3 is going to be another girl, I spent a lot of time looking back at pictures of my girls and I thought I would share some of my favorites here today!

Lacie and Blakely meeting for the very first time!  

Sharing the secret that they will both be BIG SISTERS this year!

And finding out that they will become big sisters to a little sister! 

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