Monday, August 25, 2014

Mommy Mondays - Baby #3 Update

It has been a few weeks since I posted a Baby #3 Update so here is the latest!

Here's my 19 Weeks Baby Bump!  This was taken the weekend before we would find out if Baby #3 was a boy or a girl! 

My 19 weeks board! 

Here is my 20 week Baby Bump!  Halfway there!  We had our check-up this week and Baby Hilosky was healthy and right on track for growth....and we found out that Baby Hilosky is a GIRL!!!!!  You can read all about our gender reveal party by clicking HERE!

My 20 weeks board! 

 My 21 weeks Baby Bump!  John and I were getting ready to take a tour of the hospital where I will be delivering Paisley! 

 Week 21 Board

 Last Friday, I hit the 22 week mark (even though I did not get to take a picture until Sunday)!  22 weeks and still feeling good...although I haven't been getting too much sleep!

Wee 22 board!  Paisley is already 1 pound!

So many of my wonderful readers have emailed me (you can contact me at ) to say how much they love my chalkboard week by week pregnancy board!  I definitely did not come up with this idea...all of the credit goes to Pinterest.  And as far as the board goes, I just got a very inexpensive picture frame on clearance at a craft store and spray painted it with chalkboard paint!  And trust me this is about the craftiest thing I have ever done!  But chalkboard decor is huge right now so I looked for some other chalkboard inspiration that I thought was fun!  I am especially loving that chalkboard pumpkin since I will be decorating for fall next week!  

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