Thursday, May 1, 2014

#hiloskyeveryday2014 Week 18

Happy Thursday and First Day of May!!!  Today, the weather actually felt like spring, for which I am truly grateful!

Day 115 - We braved the wind for a morning shopping trip to BJs!  I love the double carts they have so that both girls have a seat! 

Day 116 - We had a fun morning visit with Aunt Kathy and Uncle Bob!  They got the girls some sweet Easter treats, including Princess Sofia Hats (that they are wearing backwards of course).

Day 117 - a Sunday Ice Cream Treat!  They couldn't even wait for spoons....

Day 118 - This picture captures their true big sister/little sister personalities!  Wherever Lacie goes, Blakely follows! 

Day 119 - Blakely has mastered eating with a fork!  Now we just need to work on using a spoon without getting yogurt everywhere! 

Day 119 - I had to include a second day 119 photo because the Hubby came home from work with FLOWERS!  It wasn't an anniversary or a birthday, it was a very sweet "just because" gesture! 

Day 120 - Stuck inside, rainy day silly face! 

Day 121 - Bubbles are the best!  


  1. Hi i just stopped by from Blog Hobnob to say HELLO! What cute little girls! Hope to talk to you soon!
    Leelee @

    1. Hi LeeLee! So glad you stopped by! Thank you for your sweet words about my little girls! I can't wait to check out you blog!



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