Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Blakely's Half Birthday

Last Thursday, our sweet Blakely Hope turned 1 1/2!  And of course, we always make it a point celebrate half birthdays in the Hilosky House!  Blakely's half birthday also happens to be the same day as John and my wedding anniversary!  We got to celebrate 5 years of amazing wedded bliss!  It was a pretty special day all around!

We always celebrate half birthdays with a half cake!  I simply make this by baking a box cake mix in two 9-inch round pans!  I cut each circle in half and pile three of the halves on top of one another to make a half cake.  If I used all 4 halves, it would be too tall.  For this particular cake, I used Funfetti Cake Mix and my Homemade Buttercream Icing!  Click HERE for the recipe!

Opening her half birthday gift with a little assist from Lacie!  We always get the girls a small gift on their half birthdays!  Nothing big, just something to make the day extra fun.  Blakely got a book! 

Let's Look Back at Blakely's First Half Birthday!!!

Look at this little 6 month old cutie!  I cannot believe how tiny she was and how much she has changed in just one short year! 

Her 1/2 birthday cake!  This cake was strawberry with the same Buttercream Icing on it! 

Daddy and Sweet B!

Me and my girl! 

If you want to read about Lacie Jane's half birthday you can find that post HERE

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