Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday: Hometown Edition

Today I am participating in Show and Tell Tuesdays - a link up that meets twice each month to share something about ourselves!  

Today we are talking about our HOMETOWNS! 

I grew up here:

in Hamilton Square, NJ.

You've probably never ever heard of my hometown, but I love it!  

I loved it so much that I made my hometown my own children's hometown!

Currently it is 0.9 miles from my front door to my parents front door.  

So clearly my hometown is AWESOME! 

Recently, it was named the Happiest Place to live in the state of NJ.  You can read the article HERE and see what data they used to make those conclusions! 

From the article 
"When Pharrel was thinking of his hit song he was probably standing in the middle of Hamilton Square reflecting on the area around him."
"If only there were slightly more sunny days in the Square, then the city would probably be home to unicorns."
In edition to being raised and raising my own kids in Hamilton Square:
John and I got engaged in Hamilton Square - at a beautiful park called Sayen Gardens! 
And then we took our wedding pictures in the same park! 

John and I had our wedding ceremony in Hamilton Square at the church that I was raised in - Saint Gregory the Great.  
All three of our girls were baptized in this church!

Lacie and Blakely were both born in Hamilton Square at a hospital that is literally around the corner from our house.

And in September, Lacie will start Kindergarten in Hamilton! 

Here is a list of our Show and Tell Tuesday Topics:


  1. We are so similar! My husband and I grew up in the same town in California and we also loved it so much that we made our hometown our children's hometown also! We also got engaged here & married her. Our kids go to the same elementary school that I went to. Loved reading about your town. Thanks for sharing!

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