Monday, March 28, 2016

Mommy Mondays: Easter

Yesterday was Easter Sunday!  We had such a special holiday!  They get better the older the girls get! 
Since it's a Mommy Monday, I thought I would share what we did for Easter Weekend! 

We started the weekend by heading to the mall on Friday to see the bunny!  Paisley was not super thrilled to be sitting on his lap....but the picture is still cute anyway! 

The Easter Bunny stopped by our house to bring lots of treats for the girls!  I really try to limit the candy treats and instead get them stuff like new art supplies and spring/summer clothes! 

Lacie and Blakely ran down the stairs to see their baskets! 

My Sweet B was so excited that the Easter Bunny put yellow chalk in her baskets #itsthelittlethings

After opening baskets, I tried to get a few pictures of the girls together! 


The two big sisters! 

After opening everything, I got Easter brunch ready for both families! 

We ate and then had our traditional Easter Egg Hunt! 

It was Paisley's second Easter but her first Easter being able to participate in the hunt! 

Clearly it made her tired!

My parents! 

 John's Parents!

Santa got the girls these bikes....but the Easter Bunny finally put them together! 

Paisley was a little jealous of the big girls on their bikes, so Uncle Matt improvised! 

Happy Easter 2016!


  1. How very cute!! Love the stuff in their Easter baskets and that it wasn't only easter candy!!

    1. Thank you! I try to limit the candy (especially since I end up eating most of it lol)!



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