Thursday, December 4, 2014

#hiloskyeveryday2014 Weeks 47 and 48 and 49

Day 318 - my sweet Blakely Hope's very last day as a one year old! 

Day 319 - Happy 2nd Birthday Blakely Hope!  Guess who picked out her own birthday outfit!?!

Day 320 - It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  And no it's never too early! 

Day 321 - Sister Love!

Day 322 - Just hanging out in our Christmas Jammies! 

Day 323 - The very best hubby in the world came home with ice cream for this pregnant mama! 

Day 324 - morning snuggles! 

Day 325 - when one child realizes you are taking a picture and the other one doesn't!

Day 326 - future cheerleader!

Day 327 - my 35 weeks and 2 days baby bump!  Not much room left for Paisley! 

Day 328 - Blakely's face when her sister shares her favorite Blabla stuffed animals (and yes Blakely does indeed have lots of "special" stuffed animals of her own). 

Day 329 - Pecan Pie thanks to my Father-In-Law!  And I couldn't wait until Thanksgiving! 

Day 330 - They are obsessed with the tree! 

Day 331 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Day 332 - No one cried, both girls sat on Santa's lap, and everyone expressed their Christmas wishes!  It was a successful Santa Visit! 

Day 333 - Helping make our Saturday Morning Chocolate Chip Pancakes!

Day 334 - 36 weeks - almost there! 

Day 335 - December 1st means the Elf on the Shelf delivered 24 wrapped books to count down the days until Christmas!  You can read about our tradition in this post! 

Day 336 - More Pasta More Pasta! #herplateisbiggerthanherhead

Day 337 - Parent Observation night at dance class.  I couldn't be more proud of my tiny dancer!  

Day 338 - This little three year old amazes me everyday!  So smart!  

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