Monday, May 16, 2016

Mommy Mondays: Blakely Hope's Half Birthday

Yesterday, our sweet BB turned three and a half!  It is a tradition in our house to always celebrate half birthdays!  I mean any reason to celebrate, right?!?!  Her half birthday also happens to fall on Our Wedding Anniversary!  So John and I went on a day date and then came home and sang "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and had cake with everyone!

Now they are both "half" ages!
Three and a Half
Four and a Half!

Three and a half is the age we have been telling Blakely she can get rid of the crib and have a big girl bed like Lacie (which really just means taking the front bars off the crib and replacing them with a guard rail.  We shall see how that transition goes...I'm one of those #cribforlife Mamas!

Three and a Half candles for the Half Birthday Girl!

Enjoying her sister's cake!

Paisley waiting patiently for her own piece of cake!

I made a collage of Blakely Hope on each of her half birthdays so far!  It's amazing how much change happens from year to year!

Come back later this week to get the recipe for this amazing Vanilla Bean Bundt Cake!

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