Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Favorites

We Made It Through The Week!!!!!

I am always so happy to get to Friday!  When John's alarm went off this morning, I looked at him and said "We made it to Friday!" I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.  The weeks are long...and those weekends go by so fast!  I plan on soaking up lots of family time this weekend! 

Today I am linking up and bringing you all of the things I loved this week! 

Lacie's Preschool Birthday Celebration
So Lacie's real birthday is August 19th but this week at school they celebrated all of the kids with summer birthdays.  Needless to say, Lacie was excited.  I volunteered to make Funfetti Cupcakes so that I could be sure they were safe for Lacie's peanut allergy! 
Now I graduated from the same preschool back in 1990, and I also have an August birthday!  So I got to do the same summer birthday celebration.  Of course I had to find a picture from it.  

Water Table Fun
Yesterday, I took out the water table for the first time.  Now we have a regular pool in our development, a small inflatable pool, a water slide slip and slide...but for some reason my girls have always loved this water table the best.  It kept them busy all afternoon.  Last summer Paisley was only 6 months old so this was her first time being able to play with the water table, and let me tell you she was loving life! 
A picture of B from two years ago playing at this same water table was also in my Time Hop, so of course I had to do this:

I've been thinking about getting a second water table for this summer, and these are the three I am looking at! I would love suggestions if anyone has a water table that they love!

Our Anniversary 
On Sunday, John and I celebrated 7 YEARS OF MARRIAGE!  We made it a great day with a date in the afternoon, a celebration for Blakely's half birthday, and a special dinner and dessert for the two of us after the kids were in bed!  We drank champagne out of our wedding toasting glasses and ate off of our wedding china!

Our Toasting Glasses:

Our China:

What are you loving this week?


  1. Happy belated anniversary!! How fun to drink out of your wedding flutes and eat out of your actual wedding china as a special dinner!



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