Thursday, March 26, 2015

#hiloskyeveryday2015 Weeks 10, 11, and 12

Day 64 - snowed in with this Happy Baby!

Day 65 - my biggest and littlest 

Day 66 - We try to sneak out for dates whenever we can - even if it's only for coffee! 

Day 67 - The girls first time on a sled! 

Day 68 - This is the face I wake up to in the morning! 

Day 69 - I rarely get BB to stand still long enough for a picture these days!

Day 70 - Paisley Jean is three months old already! 

Day 71 - Middle and Little!  These two have a really special bond already and it just melts my heart! 

Day 72 - at the doctor for some shots *boo* this picture was before the shots...poor girl didn't see it coming.  Ugh!

Day 73 - KISSES! 

Day 74 - I mean could it get any cuter?

Day 75 - Lacie reading to Blakely!  

Day 76 - Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!

Day 77 - I caught my oldest still asleep after nap time and I just stood there and watched her sweet face! 

Day 78 - Does it need a caption?  She's my Happy Baby! 

Day 79 - Friday Family Dinner that is meatless for lent!  My Baked Mac and Cheese

Day 80 - We got a new jog stroller and Paisley approves! 

Day 81 - Snuggle Bunny loves her Bunny!

Day 82 - My Wegmans helper and the only Hilosky to not have a cold this week!  

Day 83 - Paisley Jean's personality is shining through! 

Day 84 - a little Naked Selfie of Paisley Jean in her new Amber Necklace!  I'm praying this helps make teething a lot easier! 

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