Thursday, October 20, 2016

#hiloskyeveryday2016 Weeks 38 and 39

Day 261 - chasing bubbles!

Day 262 - Daddy's home from Nashville and he brought shirts! 

Day 263 - headed to Back to School Night!  Date nights sure have changed...

Day 264 - picking Lacie up from school! 

Day 265 - my tiny dancer, Blakely Hope! 

 Day 266 - that sister love <3

Day 267 - Lacie was so proud of the Leaf Crown that she made at school! 

Day 268 - Little Gymnasts Ready for Acro! 

Day 269 - We moved Paisley to the table and suddenly she looks like a teenager! #notreally #butshelooksatleastthree

Day 270 - rocking their Halloween Jammies! 

Day 271 - BEST DAY EVER! #ilovemesomeBRUCE 

 Day 272 - She has MANY stuffed animals in her collection, but Lili is always her favorite! 

Day 273 - My Tot Hopper!!! 

Day 274 - sweet Paisley LOVED going to a dance birthday party!  I'm pretty sure we have another #tinydancer in our house! 


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