Thursday, September 15, 2016

#hiloskyeveryday2016 Weeks 34 and 35

Day 233 - it took all summer, but we finally got Nana to Sesame Place! 

Day 234 - Sunday Night Closing Session for VBS camp!  Lacie and Blakely LOVED everything about this camp! 

Day 235 - Working on some new birthday puzzles!

Day 236 - when you're small enough to walk through the tunnels at the park! 

Day 237 - My Sweet B <3

Day 238 - it's blurry but it's a selfie of all 3!

Day 239 - *sigh* it was that time of year for allergy testing before school starts!  Lacie is so brave! 

 Day 240 - a lazy river kind of day! 

Day 241 - this is what bedtime looks like at the Hilosky House!

Day 242 - Preschool Orientation Day for Blakely

Day 243 - Lacie's 5 year old well checkup!  No shots needed and a clean bill of health!  32 pounds, 39.5 inches....5th percentile! 

Day 244 - Bedtime Stories with Daddy! 

Day 245 - HAPPY SEPTEMBER 1st!!! Pumpkin Spice Cheerios for EVERYONE! 

 Day 246 - Back to School Haircuts! These girls do not know how lucky they are to have such naturally gorgeous hair! 

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