Thursday, August 18, 2016

#hiloskyeveryday2016 Weeks 30 and 31

Day 205 - beating the heat at Sesame Place!

Day 206 - Supporting #teamgabe at Princeton PlaySpace! 

Day 207 - Jersey Shore

Day 208 - I love when I catch them snuggling <3 

Day 209 - you know the Starbucks addiction is real when all three girls are waiting by the door *SHOES ON* for Daddy to get home from work! 

Day 210 - Thursday Morning Playdates!

Day 211 - Immune System Support before bed! 

Day 212 - This was the girls first experience eating donuts!  Hooray for Krispy Kreme being Peanut Free! 

Day 213 - the start of BIRTHDAY WEEK! 

Day 214 - Happy Birthday to Me!  John and I got out for the entire day!  I've been blessed to spend a lot of birthdays with him, and he always finds a way to make them special! 

Day 215 - Family Beach Day! 

Day 216 - Look who came to Sesame Place with us!  Grandpop!

Day 217 - caught picking Pop-Pop's flowers! 

Day 218 - Spending a fun Friday down the shore visiting Family! 

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