Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Favorites

It's Friday Y'All! 
Who is excited for the weekend?!?!

Like I do on many Fridays, I am linking up to bring you some things I am loving this week!


Lacie is taking Acro for the first time at her dance school this summer.  She is loving every single second of this gymnastics inspired form of dance.  She will be old enough to take it as a regular class during the school year!  The best part is that I got to buy her cute gymnastics leotards! 

She is loving this one:

I am also loving these:

I talk about these wonderful shoes every year, but seriously my girls live in their Natives all summer long. Even little miss Paisley got her very first pair...although she would still rather be barefoot!
They didn't have the pink ones that Lacie and Blakely have (this year they appeared to be more of a red color), so Paisley got Purple!  Her little feet are a size 4, which is the smallest size they come in!

Hue Leggings
 I know it's summer, so most people are not in the mindset to buy leggings right now very favorite Wide Waistband Hue Leggings are a part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! They come in black, brown, and gray! They ARE NOT see through, and they fit like a dream! Seriously they're on sale for $20 so stock up before the price goes back to $36!
Clarisonic Mia 
 My very favorite beauty tool - the Clarisonic Mia - is also a part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I absolutely love using this every single night - and how fun is the hot pink color! It comes in lots of other colors too (including basic white) if you're not as into pink as me!

The North Face 

Another thing that I always get each year from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is North Face Fleece Jackets for the girls. These rarely go on sale, so even though it's summer I still grab a new one! I love these jackets because they wash really well (Paisley's jacket has passed through two other kids and almost looks brand new)! They're also really warm BUT thin enough that they can wear them in their carseats SAFELY! Last year at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I got Lacie a HOT PINK one and she wore it all winter except for when she was playing in the snow. Seriously they are that warm!
What Are You Loving This Week?

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