Thursday, February 19, 2015

#hiloskyeveryday2015 Weeks 5 and 6 and 7

Day 29 - Lacie's favorite cookies (really Mommy's favorite).

Day 30 - all day long this child cracks me up!

Day 31 - Early morning dance party! 

Day 32 - SISTERS! 

Day 33 - Blakely is already such a great big sister!

Day 34 - Paisley is officially a Hilosky - she mastered this face! 

Day 35 - got the all clear from my doctors to be back at the gym!

Day 36 - Blakely got to be Mommy's Special Helper at the food store!

Day 37 - I can't get enough of this face!

Day 38 - a much needed date day with the hubby! 

Day 39 - let's play "Where's Paisley?"

Day 40 - Paisley finally realizing she can play with these hanging toys! 

Day 41 - Lacie wears her tiara all day everyday! 

Day 42 - Eeeeek can you believe Paisley is two months old?!?!  

Day 43 - this face!

Day 44 - after a traumatic morning complete with two shots at the doctor's office, I was finally able to get a smile and a nap!

Day 45 - Happy Valentine's Day from the Hilosky Girls!

Day 46 - I can't get enough of her smile! 

Day 47 -  the batteries died so Blakely stepped in.

Day 48 - she's happiest when it's time to eat! 

Day 49 - Miss Paisley Jean seems pretty happy that she just spit up everywhere!

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